Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas/Yule decorations now available for sale on

While the snow sifts down like icing sugar from the heavens, I'm tucked away in my cozy office tapping away at the keyboard of my computer.

I've been here pretty much all day - well, I had to step out at 5:00 to go teach a couple of belly dance classes. I got home at 10:00 and settled into some late night dining. I made Butter Chicken earlier - a low fat version - and noshed on that while I answered some long overdue email and chatted with my sweetie.

Now the kitty is in her box, the hubby is in bed snoring and the night owl (yes, that would be me) is still working! I've been on the go all day doing a variety of things, but the most exciting thing is that I've joined where all things are handmade.

I've got visions of Gingerbread men dancing in my head. If you'd like to see my cute inedible Gingerbread men, stars and peacocks, feel free to mosey on over to:

The night owl is fading.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hello Out There in TV Land!

Detail - textured white jug. Photo by moi.

I did my first TV interview for a local French television station on Tuesday! Cable access channel 22 in Buckingham, Québec will air the short spot to promote my Holiday Pottery sale (info just below in last week's post) on Thursday evening at 6pm with arts specialist Brigitte Lussier.

By the way, I did not speak in French during this interview. My French isn't very good at all. Michele Pillott, who interviewed me however, said that it was his first interview in English, so that was cool. His English is very good!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

6th Annual Holiday Sale!

Yummmmm....gingerbread men! Terracotta clay and white slip "icing."

My goodness! It's been nearly a month since my last post here and it literally feels like yesterday.

Much has happened since - much life that is, not as much pottery as I would have liked to happen. Although I really DO underestimate my powers of creation in the studio, so I shouldn't say that. In fact I have made dozens and dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of Yule decorations that are cooling in the bisque kiln right now along with large serving platters and bowls, small personal bowls and a few projects that my student made. I have more to get cooked waiting on the sidelines for now as they are not quite dry. We're talking lidded serving dishes, folks.

Here's the skinny on my upcoming sale just one week away!! EEEEK!

6th Annual Poterie du Lac la Blanche Holiday Sale!
110 Giroux Pvt, Mayo, QC

Saturday, November 8th and Sunday November 9th
From 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily

I’ve been working to create many beautiful pieces for holiday gift-giving,
so whether you’re shopping for loved ones or looking for just the right piece as a holiday treat
for yourself, we hope to see you at our little poterie this fall.

Please join us at
Poterie du Lac la Blanche
110 Giroux Pvt., Mayo, QC
Saturday, November 8th and Sunday, November 9th, 2008
From 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. daily
for directions

Cash and cheques gladly accepted.
Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's been awhile.

Yes, it has been awhile. My apologies.
Let me fill you in in why I've been so post-less.
Well, I just needed a good long rest, really. I had my rest in August...if you don't count the day spent in Val-David, packing up my pottery to take home again or the days and days I prepared for a dance workshop at which I taught a drum solo.
Did I mention that I teach belly dance as well as make pots? It's a great job that provides me with a steady income for part of the year. I really love teaching and I love to dance, so what could be better?
Doing both pottery and teaching dance is tiring because they have the same season, which is a lot like a school year.
I begin working in the pottery right after Labour Day.
Belly dance classes begin in the middle of September.
All of the Christmas or fall pottery shows that I'm in this year are over by mid-November.
Some of my classes are done by mid-November but most continue until mid-December.
I get two weeks at the end of each year and two weeks at the beginning of each new year to rest my dance bones. I try to get a leg up on the pots in early January.
From the deepest of winter until spring break I am teaching and potting. Spring break is just one week, but during that week there are no dance classes. I use this week to pot like mad.
Spring to early summer is for potting, dancing and I manage to fit in quite a bit of gardening in too. Flowers make me happy!
My annual summer pottery sale is the weekend nearest to St. Jean Baptiste Day. About one week into July 1001 Pots begins. I'm there opening weekend and I drive to Val-David weekly until mid-August when the exhibition ends.
Pottery making and kiln firing are going on continually from spring break until the 3rd week in July.
So, I've just decided this year, after a terribly unsuccessful string of summer days trying to motivate myself to work, I'll be taking the month of August off. I need to rest, read books, sun bathe, swim, go for walks, eat BBQ, hang out with my cat, weed the garden, sketch the pottery that's been floating around in my head and write new choreographies. And I decided this because I felt completely exhausted when I thought about returning to work right after a quickie 4 day vacation.
I felt guilty for the several false starts with pottery work in August. I felt guilty for not posting here. I prepared well for my dance workshop, but that was all I could manage. I just had to cut myself some slack and realize that I'd been working pretty hard and resting was okay.
I don't just make pottery or show up to teach a class. I have to actively promote my work, be my own secretary, accountant, driver, and manager. I also do heavy lifting, moving, packing and pricing. There are exhibitions, openings and sales to attend. I host and teach two dance workshops each year. There are student recitals and class parties, shows, bazaars, and some workshops and classes where I am the student.
I eased into my time off and re-grouped. It was of great benefit and I felt well rested and ready to get back to work in September.

Since then I have welcomed a pottery student into my wee studio. She is very talented and a really interesting and lovely young woman. I look forward to Saturday mornings with Karine.

I'm currently teaching dance Monday through Thursday in Ottawa at 4 different locations. I teach 8 dance classes each week.
I made a decision yesterday to let one class go, so in 5 weeks I'll be teaching just 7 classes.

I'd been thinking about letting it go for some time and then got an email from my boss saying they're going to cut one of my classes and did I still want to drive out to Nepean to teach for just one hour? The cost of gasoline alone eats up 62% of my evening's wage. So this class ends for me in a few short weeks and I'll miss my gals, but this frees up my entire Wednesday. I'm so incredibly happy about this! I desperately need more time with my art.

Here is a picture of a large centrepiece bowl (in the greenware stage) that I finished not too long ago. One of my clients saw it and bought it. Now I just have to bisque it, glaze it and fire it.
Textured bowl sitting on my potter's wheel (in my newly cleaned studio!)

Textured bowl detail

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Babies Are Back

Garden Ladies - from the 1001 Pots exhibition.

My pots are back home! Not all of them, mind you. Some of them went to good homes via 1001 Pots.

The exhibition was rainy and attendance lower than normal so in response 1001 Pots lowered their commission on pieces sold by 2%. It's not a lot, but I think that most other exhibitions wouldn't feel moved to do the same. The weather is uncontrollable, after all.

It's nice to work with a very reasonable and understanding group such as 1001 Pots. After all, Kinya Ishikawa is a working ceramic artist who has been networking and supporting his collegues for the past 20 years or more. He understands.

I didn't get to Val-David often this year, but the times I was there were inspiring. Each year I take away valuable information and learn something new. After all, this craft is as old as humanity. There is much to learn.

Coils Galore! - from the 1001 Pots exhibition.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dreamland awaits

I'll be off to bed soon, but first I'll post some pictures that I took yesterday when I went to Val-David to visit my pots at 1001 Pots Exhibition.
A few days ago, while contemplating my display, I had to oddeset feeling that I'd sort of abandoned my pots in another town far away to be fondled by strangers without me around to talk about how the pot came into being. I felt...guilty. Then the feeling passed. Pots don't have feelings! Do they?

NEW Improved! display - 1001 Pots 2008

Wall o' Mugs - This is just two sections of the wall. There's 1 more. That's a lotta mugs!

Hands down, this is the most gorgeous sculpture this year! If I had $1200.00 I would scoop it up tomorrow! Forgot to note name of artist. My apologies.

Wonderful porcelain swag lamps. This is giving me the incentive I need for an idea I had long ago to make my own wall sconces and lamp shades from the thinest porcelain to show off its translucence.

My bed is calling. More later.